So, my students are nearing the end of their first book, and have made their requests for a second book.  Some went directly for the books that they commented on in the first two weeks, some went back to the list they used for the first requests, and some went in new and surprising directions.  All three strategies seem like worthy ones to me!

Some of the old favorites have made it to the list this time.  It always seems to work out that I’m able to include one book that I have not yet read; this time, it was one by an author with whom I was pretty familiar.

Here’s the list:

Linda Pastan, The Last Uncle
Theodore Roethke, The Lost Son & Other Poems
Elizabeth Bishop, Questions of Travel
Brigit Pegeen Kelly, Song
Wallace Stevens, Harmonium
Jennifer Grotz, Cusp
Kay Ryan, The Niagara River
Thomas Lux, God Particles
Carl Dennis, Practical Gods
Mark Jarman, Unholy Sonnets
Vievee Francis, Blue-Tail Fly
Philip Larkin, The Less Deceived
Billy Collins, Questions About Angels
Donald Justice, Departures
Eavan Boland, Domestic Violence
Elizabeth Bishop, Geography III
Update: I left one out!  Paul Otremba, The Currency

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