One of the first poems I teach in my intro to poetry classes is William Carlos Williams’s “This is Just to Say.”  It’s a short poem with an amazing amount going on, though at first glance, many students dismiss it as slight or unworthy of being a poem.

My favorite thing about teaching it is the inevitable flurry of “This is Just to Say”-related humor that follows.  Perhaps you remember this post.  This time around, I tweeted that I had taught the poem, and got this message on Facebook a couple days later from a friend:

This is Just to Say

I have stolen
the Manguso
that you
leant me

and which
I meant to return
on the drive

Forgive me
it’s wonderful
so smart
and so funny

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  1. Marielle

    We also used this one early on in the GSW poetry class I TAed this summer… we had an overly interpretive bunch… one kid was convinced it was about someone losing their virginity (highschoolers… sigh).

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